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Investment process

Vencorp continuously examines potential investee companies. Each potential investment is initially screened by the General Partner through a structured multi factor analysis and subsequently reviewed by relevant members of Vencorpís Advisory Board.

If Vencorp decides to go further, we initiate the due diligence process, focusing on meetings with senior managers, visits of plants and facilities, review of IP assets and extensive financial, legal, market and competitive reviews, including contacts with customers, suppliers and competitors.

Vencorp is regularly assisted by Tristone Partners to gain additional insight into a particular company and its competitive and market environment..
Tristone Partners is an investment banking boutique with offices in London and Prague active in mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, and structured financings. Tristone Senior Executives work on a non exclusive basis with some of Vencorp portfolio companies. The contribution of Tristone is multiple, and includes initial due diligence, transaction structuring, post-investment implementation of operational and strategic plans., and/or monitoring of investments/companies.

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8 fundamental criteria drive the investment decision process

(NB. Investment proposals must be related to the problematic of Ageing population in Europe. For that please use the forms in Contact Us.)